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The Note

I went to retrieve my mail the other day. It contained the usual junk—pre-approval notices for credit cards, information about supplemental healthcare insurance, and all manner of appeals to separate me from my hard earned money. Most of it was bulk mail. I was very close to tossing the whole pile into the trash when I spotted it.

The squarish envelope had my mailing address written neatly in the center space. A colorful return address label adorned the upper left corner. In the upper right, was a real “1st class” stamp. On the inside, there was a notecard. The message, written in beautifully rounded cursive, expressed well wishes and hopes for my speedy recovery. This sentiment from friends made me smile and feel very special.

I still have that note. It occupies a place of honor on my desk where I can look at it from time to time. In this age of electronic communication and junk mail, that simple hand-written note stood out. It told me that I was important and worthy of special attention. It really did uplift my spirits and make me feel better that day.

Let’s bring back the fine art of note writing. Boxed notecards make a perfect holiday gift!

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Free Consultation

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Publishing Services

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What is there about a good story?


As writers, we use storytelling to impose a narrative structure on events that might otherwise seem random and meaningless. The craft of writing allows us to take command of a powerful tool for drawing upon our memories, adding new information to old, and, thereby, portraying the world in new contexts. Storytelling helps the mind to make sense of the world.

Beyond that, good stories captivate us as they propose solutions to some of the really tough dilemmas in life. Quite often, through storytelling, we can explore new pathways to hope and encourage each other to look for solutions in unanticipated places. Good stories often lift our spirits and open our minds to new possibilities. Not only that, the act of storytelling helps us get our realities straight. As storytellers, we possess the power to reimagine life as an ageless mosaic and figure out how the pieces fit together from one generation to the next. What’s your story? Are you ready to share it?