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Pressing Toward the Marks of Ministerial Leadership offers insights on leadership, administration, decision-making, ministerial ethics, communication, strategic planning, and teaching, along with other key processes. The book’s ten chapters are based on propositions that have stood the test of time and are descriptive of what occurs in most organizational settings. Throughout the text, the author employs examples based on her experiences since 1980 as a researcher, leader, administrator, teacher/professor, ordained minister, and change agent. This textbook is a must-read for seminarians and ministers-in-training. Additionally, its content might appeal to established pastors seeking to refresh their effectiveness during this era of endless change. Professors in seminaries and religious studies programs might find this resource useful as a supplemental text. E-book available now on . Paperback available wherever books are sold. (P.S. It would be great if you could leave a rating or review on Amazon! Thanks!)

BONUS OFFER — FREE ONLINE SUPPLEMENTAL COURSE  – ANSWERING THE CALL TO LEAD Sign up for this FREE course today! Based the book: Pressing Toward the Marks of Ministerial Leadership, this course examines the leadership construct using theoretical frameworks, life experiences, along with workshop exercises to explore what it means to serve as the leader in today’s changing church environment.  Learning activities include thought-provoking questions and case studies to enhance understanding.


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Reimagining the Great Commission: 21st-century Digital Discipleship

Here’s a title worth revisiting!

Description of the Book

Almost every week, we ask ourselves this question: How should we do discipleship in the present day?  What is the best way to nourish God’s sheep? In an environment where everything is measured in extremes, what should 21st century discipleship look like?  All of us have our conceptualizations of the good old days and the “old time religion” of the past.  At the same time, we must be mindful that societal norms are changing all the time, and as they shift, so do the needs and expectations of those who are hungry for a word of hope.

Not only are God’s people hungry, they are also curious about how to survive when things are topsy turvy. As disciples, we must be in a position to provide novel answers to old questions – all based on the word of God. Modern-day disciples continually discern new ways to reach out boldly to those in need of hope. As 21st-century disciples, we are responsible for reaching an audience that spans millions of miles and seven continents. The Internet provides a promising approach to achieving this goal.

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Pressing Toward the Marks of Ministerial Leadership





Have you discerned a call to ministry? Are your gifts for leadership up to par? Pressing Toward the Marks of Ministerial Leadership is intended to help you broaden and deepen your awareness of what it means to be an effective ministerial leader in the 21st century. Chapters in this book provide an overview of theoretical frameworks and practical principles that have stood the test of time and are descriptive of what occurs in most organizational settings. Thought-provoking workshop exercises at the end of each chapter address the needs of adult learners and foster critical thinking, effective communication, and creativity, along with the ability to sustain effective and ethical relationships in evolving congregational settings. Examples in this book grow out of the author’s experiences since 1980 as a researcher, leader, administrator, teacher/professor, ordained minister, and change agent. Major topics include the nature of your call to ministry, methods for theological reflection, and elements of Christian worship. Further, the book examines theoretical frameworks for leadership, administration, communication, and teaching, along with other processes associated with serving at the helm of an organization. As a result of reading this book, you will become better at problem-solving, analysis, spiritual self-empowerment, promoting justice, and developing critical consciousness about the linkages among faith, leadership, and service in your organizational setting.


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Just released! A Birthday at the Zoo

A Birthday at the Zoo by Matthew Tran and Tamara Reed Tran

Authors Matthew Tran and Tamara Reed Tran are excited to announce the publication of their second children’s book, A Birthday at the Zoo! The couple wanted to pay homage to the rich diversity within their family. This book tells the story of a little boy who is celebrating his birthday at the zoo. He is on a mission to make sure all his guests are able to enjoy the fun. It is easy to see that his family is bonded together by their love for one another. Beautifully illustrated, the book is written for young readers, aged 4-6.

Author Tamara Reed Tran says, “now, more than ever, it is critical that we learn to respect our differences and embrace our similarities, for it means something and has an impact beyond what the eye can see. After all, at our core, we are ALL people!”

Available on in paperback and e-book format. Purchase our copy today!



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New Release — Cyber Outreach: How to Develop and Evaluate Your Digital Ministries

How to Develop and Evaluate Your Digital Ministries is a “how-to” text for anyone who is just starting to explore the use of technology for discipleship, worship, outreach, and other forms of service. All of the approaches we mention are simple and inexpensive to implement. The book is written at a basic level.

Throughout the text, we will help you find answers to several questions: •How do we redefine “church” in an era of physical isolation?

  • How do we build a sacred community when we are distanced from each other?
  • What is the purpose of Christian outreach?
  • •How do we care for each other spiritually while sheltering in place?
  • How do we know if we are doing a good job?

The overall purpose of this book is to provide guidance to small, cyber churches and other digital outreach initiatives that are trying to continue their ministries with limited financial resources. Our intended audience includes pastors, ministerial leaders, media coordinators, seminarians, and laypeople who are drawn to new ways of reaching out to audiences hungry for inspiration and hope by meeting the people where they are to be found. Those involved in digital outreach might use approaches described in this book to expand their current programs.

Available now on

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Do you have skills as a curriculum developer? Are you concerned about social justice issues? Are you interested in Christian education?

Center Street Publishing is looking for qualified authors and educators to help us develop curriculum materials dealing with unity, justice, peace, and love. Assignments will be made on a contractual basis. Our primary audience will be adults. However, we would welcome participation by those skilled in middle school education. Send inquiries to Dr. Lorrie C. Reed at Let your light shine!

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Over the last few weeks, we have observed people from all racial groups and walks of life who are disconcerted with the current state of affairs and wish to contribute to the attainment of racial equality and social justice. Although they stand in solidarity with the cause, some feel powerless to effectuate meaningful change.

Many of these supporters need opportunities to introspect and process their own feelings and values. Currently, good-quality, issue-focused adult learning materials are in short supply. The editorial staff at Center Street Publishing aims to bridge the gap.

We are seeking to work with aspiring authors to develop and publish adult learning resources that facilitate self-awareness and transformation. To that end, we are issuing a call for book-length manuscripts, workbooks, collections of personal growth exercises, and other learning materials that help readers understand and grapple with issues of systemic racism and injustice in America. Please send inquiries to Dr. Lorrie C. Reed at Let your light shine!

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Praying from the Bottom Up

A couple of years ago, I received a call from Joyce (not her real name). She had recently accepted Jesus as her personal savior and was in the process of trying to solidify her relationship with the Lord. After reciting her understanding of the basic tenets of Christianity and sharing her beliefs about salvation, she admitted that she was still confused and a bit frustrated. She needed clarity.

Someone along the way had told her to pray about it. And so she did. Joyce said to me that she had been praying the same prayer every day, three or four times a day, for the Lord to reveal a way forward. Then she repeated her prayer and exclaimed, “It’s not working!”

Like so many other new Christians who are seeking maturity in their relationship with the Lord, Joyce thought that her prayers had to take on the characteristics of a secret formula in order to be authentic. She believed that by saying the “right” words in the “right” order, God would hear her petitions and answer. What she failed to realize was that her approach did little to help her build a relationship with the One with whom she desired to have intimacy.

Joyce and I used this experience as a way to broaden her thinking about prayer. There is more than one right way to pray! There is power in all forms of prayer.  And the Lord God hears them all!

Praying from the Bottom Up:  Beside Still Waters – A Devotional and Prayer Journal can serve as a tool to help you learn more about prayer. Using scripture, photography, and reflective prompts, the journal provides a scaffold for those who wish to develop a daily discipline and build a relationship with God.

My gift to you – Obtain your eBook FREE between June 1 and June 5.

Available now on

Read what others are saying about the book:

“I love it!  We are entering what someone referred to as a ‘different’ normal, and we need to relook at those things we considered normal for a fresh take. Dr. Reed has provided this with God’s Word in an easy to follow format that counters the complexity of this season. The journal offers readers an opportunity for deep reflection in a non-intimidating structure”. – Rev. Melody L. Seaton, Pastor, Grace United Church of Christ-

“I love the format of the prayer journal. The purpose of the book, instructions on how to use the journal, and the layout are all clear and easy to understand. I feel that people of all ages, backgrounds, etc. will be able to utilize this resource. The beginning provides sufficient instruction and information concerning prayer. This will also be a great resource for someone who is a new Christian and is being disciple-d by someone more mature in Christ. This can even be useful for “seekers” – those who do not actually have a relationship with Christ. I feel that it will help them to draw closer to Him.  Overall, I think it is great for people of all levels!” – Valarie Cooper, Member, Waukegan Community Church

“I enthusiastically endorse this straightforward and practical “Devotional and Prayer Journal.” Especially helpful for me personally, were the chapters focusing on the  “Daily Devotional Tools” and “Finding Your Own Prayer Style.” I have been an academician and clinician for over thirty years and even though I am a Christian, I have often felt that my public prayers were not powerful enough to actually be effective. This journal has changed my views about my prayer life.” – Mary Allen Carey, Ph.D., Allen Carey Associates, LLC —-

“It is a pleasure to endorse this timely book. “Praying from the Bottom Up: Beside Still Waters-A Devotional and Prayer Journal” provides an opportunity for anyone seeking to develop a more intimate focus on their spiritual walk. Many times when I am reading my Bible or praying, I love to jot down notes and scriptures. This ‘Prayer Journal’ gives me another format to support and enrich my prayer life.” – Min. Dr. Dorothy Thompson, Minister, Africa Resurrection & Restoration Ministries (ARRM)