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Pressing Toward the Marks of Ministerial Leadership offers insights on leadership, administration, decision-making, ministerial ethics, communication, strategic planning, and teaching, along with other key processes. The book’s ten chapters are based on propositions that have stood the test of time and are descriptive of what occurs in most organizational settings. Throughout the text, the author employs examples based on her experiences since 1980 as a researcher, leader, administrator, teacher/professor, ordained minister, and change agent. This textbook is a must-read for seminarians and ministers-in-training. Additionally, its content might appeal to established pastors seeking to refresh their effectiveness during this era of endless change. Professors in seminaries and religious studies programs might find this resource useful as a supplemental text. E-book available now on . Paperback available wherever books are sold. (P.S. It would be great if you could leave a rating or review on Amazon! Thanks!)

BONUS OFFER — FREE ONLINE SUPPLEMENTAL COURSE  – ANSWERING THE CALL TO LEAD Sign up for this FREE course today! Based the book: Pressing Toward the Marks of Ministerial Leadership, this course examines the leadership construct using theoretical frameworks, life experiences, along with workshop exercises to explore what it means to serve as the leader in today’s changing church environment.  Learning activities include thought-provoking questions and case studies to enhance understanding.


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Reimagining the Great Commission: 21st-century Digital Discipleship

Here’s a title worth revisiting!

Description of the Book

Almost every week, we ask ourselves this question: How should we do discipleship in the present day?  What is the best way to nourish God’s sheep? In an environment where everything is measured in extremes, what should 21st century discipleship look like?  All of us have our conceptualizations of the good old days and the “old time religion” of the past.  At the same time, we must be mindful that societal norms are changing all the time, and as they shift, so do the needs and expectations of those who are hungry for a word of hope.

Not only are God’s people hungry, they are also curious about how to survive when things are topsy turvy. As disciples, we must be in a position to provide novel answers to old questions – all based on the word of God. Modern-day disciples continually discern new ways to reach out boldly to those in need of hope. As 21st-century disciples, we are responsible for reaching an audience that spans millions of miles and seven continents. The Internet provides a promising approach to achieving this goal.

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Pressing Toward the Marks of Ministerial Leadership





Have you discerned a call to ministry? Are your gifts for leadership up to par? Pressing Toward the Marks of Ministerial Leadership is intended to help you broaden and deepen your awareness of what it means to be an effective ministerial leader in the 21st century. Chapters in this book provide an overview of theoretical frameworks and practical principles that have stood the test of time and are descriptive of what occurs in most organizational settings. Thought-provoking workshop exercises at the end of each chapter address the needs of adult learners and foster critical thinking, effective communication, and creativity, along with the ability to sustain effective and ethical relationships in evolving congregational settings. Examples in this book grow out of the author’s experiences since 1980 as a researcher, leader, administrator, teacher/professor, ordained minister, and change agent. Major topics include the nature of your call to ministry, methods for theological reflection, and elements of Christian worship. Further, the book examines theoretical frameworks for leadership, administration, communication, and teaching, along with other processes associated with serving at the helm of an organization. As a result of reading this book, you will become better at problem-solving, analysis, spiritual self-empowerment, promoting justice, and developing critical consciousness about the linkages among faith, leadership, and service in your organizational setting.


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Just released! A Birthday at the Zoo

A Birthday at the Zoo by Matthew Tran and Tamara Reed Tran

Authors Matthew Tran and Tamara Reed Tran are excited to announce the publication of their second children’s book, A Birthday at the Zoo! The couple wanted to pay homage to the rich diversity within their family. This book tells the story of a little boy who is celebrating his birthday at the zoo. He is on a mission to make sure all his guests are able to enjoy the fun. It is easy to see that his family is bonded together by their love for one another. Beautifully illustrated, the book is written for young readers, aged 4-6.

Author Tamara Reed Tran says, “now, more than ever, it is critical that we learn to respect our differences and embrace our similarities, for it means something and has an impact beyond what the eye can see. After all, at our core, we are ALL people!”

Available on in paperback and e-book format. Purchase our copy today!



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The Persistent Killer

By Lorrie C. Reed, Ph.D.

It is my fervent prayer that something will be found soon to control COVID-19 and stem the spread of the current pandemic. Most of us will be at ease, no doubt,  after the pandemic has subsided. Unfortunately, some groups will remain vulnerable to other tenacious killers that continue to show themselves strong in our communities of color.

The persistent killer I’m talking about disproportionately compromises the lives of millions of the poorest members of our society each year. This killer shows up in the form of a complex consisting of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and related maladies that shorten the lives and diminish the well-being of Black and Brown populations.

Such diseases proliferate because of discrimination against individuals based on race or gender. This includes the restriction of opportunities for employment, living conditions, nutrition, healthcare, and other manifestations of systemic racism. If it remains unchecked, the disease can lead to death.

Finding a cure for such racism has been an ongoing battle involving those who value fairness, compassion, and justice for all people. Perhaps justice makers should begin to tackle this ubiquitous presence in the same way public agencies have addressed the recently pernicious virus  – one person at a time, one policy at a time, and one practice at a time until the malady known as systemic racism is wiped off the planet for good.

When our society decides finally to become aggressive in this fight, the well-being of affected people will rise, and we will all be able to go outside once again without wearing our social masks for protection.

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Besides Still Waters – Praying through the Pandemic

During this COVID-19 pandemic, have you ever felt overwhelmed? Have the reports of gloom weighed heavily on your spirit? Sometimes it’s enough to make our souls ache. No doubt, even the strongest among us have felt the need to get away from the bad news on occasion. Prayer is a remedy that works for most believers.

When your soul feels disquieted, you can turn to prayer. You can follow Jesus’s example of stealing away to a secret place, a quiet place for prayer and renewal. Beside metaphorical still waters, you can embrace the comforting words of scripture and empty your soul before the Lord.

This journal provides spaces for you to record your favorite scripture, and write down your thoughts, prayer concerns, and praise reports.  The daily devotional prayers evoke reflection and invite application to your personal situation. Breathtaking photographs draw you into daily meditation. The prayer petitions will surely give you comfort and peace in these troubled times.

The journal is a great tool to use during your devotional time. It also makes a great gift for others.

Coming soon!

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What is there about a good story?


As writers, we use storytelling to impose a narrative structure on events that might otherwise seem random and meaningless. The craft of writing allows us to take command of a powerful tool for drawing upon our memories, adding new information to old, and, thereby, portraying the world in new contexts. Storytelling helps the mind to make sense of the world.

Beyond that, good stories captivate us as they propose solutions to some of the really tough dilemmas in life. Quite often, through storytelling, we can explore new pathways to hope and encourage each other to look for solutions in unanticipated places. Good stories often lift our spirits and open our minds to new possibilities. Not only that, the act of storytelling helps us get our realities straight. As storytellers, we possess the power to reimagine life as an ageless mosaic and figure out how the pieces fit together from one generation to the next. What’s your story? Are you ready to share it?