Pressing Toward the Marks of Ministerial Leadership

Pressing Toward the Marks of Ministerial Leadership offers insights on leadership, administration, decision-making, ministerial ethics, communication, strategic planning, and teaching, along with other key processes. The book’s ten chapters are based on propositions that have stood the test of time and are descriptive of what occurs in most organizational settings. Throughout the text, the author employs examples based on her experiences since 1980 as a researcher, leader, administrator, teacher/professor, ordained minister, and change agent. This textbook is a must-read for seminarians and ministers-in-training. Additionally, its content might appeal to established pastors seeking to refresh their effectiveness during this era of endless change. Professors in seminaries and religious studies programs might find this resource useful as a supplemental text. E-book available now on . Paperback available wherever books are sold. (P.S. It would be great if you could leave a rating or review on Amazon! Thanks!)


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